Eb 5 Immigration Visa


The EB 5 Immigration Visa Offers Many Benefits For The Investors To Obtain U S Green Card

eb 5 visa processing time
There are millions of people waiting for a green card and those who want to obtain one in the quickest possible manner can opt for the EB-5 program. By choosing the EB-5 program for your green card you can surely enjoy lot of benefits of eb-5 program which is one of the fastest methods for you to gain permanent residency in the United States not only just for you but also your spouse and children under the age of 21 years and unmarried. By becoming a citizen of America you can have access to lot of educational benefits for your children and also the freedom to live and work in any place across the United States. To understand eb 5 immigration visa program you can actually checkout for PNJ5 who help you in choosing the best project for your investment as well how to mitigate risks in an EB-5 project. The EB-5 is the employment based fifth preference visa where those who are applying under this category has to make a job creating investment in the United States and become eligible for this program and obtain their Green Card. The government encourages foreign investment through this program setting aside over 10,000 visas for the foreign nationals who need to create at least 10 job opportunities through their investment and can obtain the green card with no barriers of language or educational requirements.
eb-5 immigration process
The eb 5 visa processing time takes up to 14 to 24 months during which the eb-5 applicants petition is approved. This shall be followed by two years conditional permanent residency after which the investor has to petition for the removal of the conditions and obtain the permanent residency. The minimum amount required for the EB-5 investment varies either $500,000 or $1million based on the investment area chosen by the applicant. The investment should create 10 full time jobs to the US workers within two years period of their conditional residency period. PNJ5 helps its clients with the process of EB-5 program not in choosing the best investment programs but also the process and conditions that one need to fulfil to qualify for the program. Their team of experts offer review of the investment program that mitigates risk and also help in acquiring good returns on the investment program. PNJ5 helps in selecting bankable projects and reduces investor risk through their services to the EB-5 applicants.